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The World of Cars Wiki offers many tutorials and guidelines to help you get accustomed to the way the site is organized. This table of contents is still in its beginning stages, so please be patient while they are being filled out. If you would like to request a specific help page, this page's talk page is a great place.


  • Editing – How to edit an article
  • Manual of Style – Text, fonts and headings
  • Userspace guidelines – How to manage your userpage


  • Categories – How to add and use categories
  • Coding – Specifics about html and JS
  • Galleries – How to create image galleries
  • Links – How to link to other articles
  • Images – How to upload and transclude images
  • Signatures – How to create and use signatures
  • Tables – How to create and use tables
  • Talk pages – How to use talk pages
  • Templates – Basic info about templates
  • Userboxes – How to make use of infoboxes
  • Videos – How to upload and transclude videos

World of Cars Wiki links

  • About – The very basics of getting started
  • Administrators – Explanation and list of administrators
  • Bots – Explanation and list of bots
  • Bureaucrats – Explanation and list of bureaucrats
  • Notability – What is worthy of an article
  • Rollbacks – Explanation and list of rollbacks
  • Sandbox – A safe place to practice editing