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In addition to reading and browsing, you may wish to edit the various articles found on the site. The wiki allows all registered users to edit the vast majority of the wiki's content. This is a basic guide to the fundamentals of editing.


To edit an article, you can either click the "Edit" button to the right of the article's title. Fandom permits two different editing modes: VisualEditor and source mode. VisualEditor allows you to edit the page using the direct appearance of the final product: links, images, etc. all appear as they would outside of the editor.

Source mode, however, allows you to directly edit the page's source using your knowledge of WikiText. Though harder to learn, the possibilities are infinitely greater than those found in the VisualEditor.

While editing, you can switch between the two modes concurrently, if you would like to use features from both.

It is also possible to edit an individual section of an article. To do this, click the "edit" or "edit source" buttons next to the heading of the section you would like to modify. Only the content found in that specific section will show up in the editor.

In either editor, you have the option to show a preview of the page before saving it to ensure the content is as desired. Once you are done, click the "Save page" button.

Editing summaries

Edit summaries give a brief explanation of what was changed and are visible alongside the edit in the Recent Changes. Before you save a page, you will be prompted to type an edit summary. Please be clear and straightforward in your explanation so others can get a quick idea of what changed. While it is possible to save without an edit summary, it is strongly advised that you include one, especially if you are undoing another edit. This allows effective communication between multiple editors.

Minor edits

Before you save a page, you have the option to mark your edit as a "Minor edit". Minor edits are edits that do not much change the content of an article, but rather fix a small mistake or detail. Examples of minor edits include rearranging text, fixing a coding or formatting error, or correcting a spelling or grammar mistake.

Edits should not be marked as minor if they add or remove content from the article. Even something like adding a bullet point of trivia would be considered a major edit as the content of the article is new and worth revisiting.

Knowing when to label a minor edit is important because some users prefer to hide them from their view of the Recent Changes. You do not want your edit to potentially go unnoticed if it is of significant value to the article's quality.

Dummy edits

If the wikitext is not changed no edit will be recorded and the edit summary is discarded.

A dummy edit is a change in wikitext that has no effect on the rendered page. This allows an edit summary, and is useful for correcting a previous edit summary, or an accidental marking of a previous edit as "minor".

Wiki Markup

This article or section is under construction.
This article or section has been marked as being under construction, indicating parts are unfinished or inaccurate. Please help contribute by adding photos and information, correcting mistakes, and improving the overall quality.

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