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"Hey! Don't get too comfortable up there!"

- Zeb

Zeb is the reserve driver for the Sidewall Shine team. He raced for the 2006 Piston Cup. He drove in place of Slider Petrolski. He bears the number 64.


In Cars: The Video Game, Zeb, number 64, is the secondary race car for the Sidewall Shine racing team. In the 2006 Piston Cup season, he is always seen in the second pack of racers, behind Lightning, Chick, and the other three racers that are doing good. He usually will take the lead on the first lap, but as soon as he approaches the slowest pack of racers from behind, he will then fall back and be repeatedly lapped afterwards.

General information

Physical description

Zeb is painted yellow and black, with the Sidewall Shine logo on his hood and the number 64 painted in white on his doors. He is presumably modeled after a 2006 Dodge Charger NASCAR.



  • In the Xbox 360 version of Cars: The Video Game, Zeb has his number changed to 74, matching Slider Petrolski.
  • It is possible that Zeb is still sponsored by Sidewall Shine in Cars 3 because Carstin Dillon's diecast was released, proving that he is a veteran in the movie.
  • Zeb was also going to be Mater's original name, but it was scrapped during development.
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