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Zen Master
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Zen Master Pitty

""You done good. You got all the leaves!""
Mater, watching him, [[{{{3}}}]]

Zen Master is a pitty who makes sand designs in the Tokyo museum.


A master in the art of sculpting the serene zen rock garden at the Tokyo museum, Zen Master wears his old woven reed hat and uses his antique wood rake to create mesmerizing patterns in the garden’s sand.

In Cars 2, when Team McQueen were at the party in Tokyo, he was seen making shapes in the sand, but when Mater saw him, he thought he was raking some leaves. Later in the movie, that scene was in Mater's nightmare.


Zen Master is painted purple, with a tan hat. He has grey rims.


Zen Master is stated to be modeled as a Piaggio Ape.


Feature Films



  • On Zen Master's tires reads "Samuride - Traction A Temperature A - P215 65R15 89H". The two last inscriptions are reccurent on the tires of many characters. Samuride, whose name is a play on "Samurai", is

    Zen Master without his beard.

    a brand seen on advertisements in Tokyo.
  • The diecast version of Zen Master has some errors. First, his beard is missing, which gives him a younger look, and second, he is called Zen Master Pitty instead. However, his beard is still included in some of his die-casts.
  • He has a part on the side of his body to hold his rake.


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