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Depiction of Zombie on The Lexi Lowdown blog.

Zombie Cars, also known as Zombies, is an urban legend of undead cars that were supposed to emerge around Radiator Springs during Halloween. It was started by group of racing cars wearing Zombie costumes to scare residents of the town. Fluffy was the leader of those cars.


Zombie Cars were depicted as gray cars with red eyes that wants to eat other cars' breaks. They also had the number #0.

In the video games

Zombie Cars appeared in The World of Cars Online as the part of 2010 Halloween Scaryator Springs Festival event.


  • "They're terrible scary with them red eyes all creepin' up on you! I heard they like to EAT YOUR BRAKES! I'm not going anywhere 'cept my impound if they come back!" says Mater, a very nervous local truck. He's talking about a local Radiator Springs superstition: The annual return of Zombie Cars!